My Life Solutions LLC


At My Life Solutions LLC

We listen and care about you!

We offer faith based coaching for your relationship needs.

We coach you so that you can succeed in your life and relationship goals.

We mentor to you in confidence.

We educate you by providing the best information from experts in the field.

We guide you in your progress with detailed plans and feedback.

We hold you accountable, so you can achieve success!

We inspire self motivation.

We help you manage diversity issues.

We teach you how to handle crises and moral issues.

We help you build up core skills and techniques.

We provide friendly, personalized customer service and client satisfaction.

Together we can:

Determine your intentions for your love life.  Find your identity.

Learn the values and qualities needed to find your ideal soul mate.

Increase your self confidence and self esteem.  Overcome your vulnerabilities.

Avoid making the same mistakes in dating over and over again.

Understand the influences that push and pull you in your marriage decisions.

Learn how to meet your partner's needs and have your needs fulfilled.

Heighten a man's attraction or strengthen his commitment. To understand her desires.

Identify key elements of a successful marriage.

Heal present relationships and move beyond your past hurts.

Discover how to maintain intimacy throughout your lifetime, by finding the ways you are destroying the trust and intimacy in your relationship.

Learn how to honor and respect your mate.

Adopt new ways of communicating with your mate.

Reduce the fighting and negotiate compromise in your relationship.

Discover hidden agendas, unspoken expectations, that trigger conflict.

Become aware of the power struggles found in triangulations.

Examine past relationships and find out how it shapes your relationship today.

Help you reject the games people play.  Remove your sense of isolation or separation.

Learn love's secret wish for completion, validation, connection, and stimulation.

Find out how to save your marriage and avoid divorce. 

Move toward encouraging more intimacy and stronger emotional bonding. To feel close and attached to your mate.

Understand how differences in timing come into play in keeping us from getting what we desire.

See how our unrealistic expectations interfere in our relationships.